Investor FAQs

What is Kinder Morgan Canada Limited’s strategy?

KML focuses on stable, fee-based energy transportation and storage assets that are central to the energy infrastructure of Western Canada. We strive to promote shareholder value by increasing utilization of our existing assets while controlling costs and operating in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

What is KMI’s role in relation to KML?

Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) indirectly owns all of the issued and outstanding special voting shares, and as a result, owns approximately 70 percent of the voting interests of KML.

What interest do KML shares represent in KML?

The special voting shares, all of which are owned by KMI, represent approximately 70 percent of the total outstanding KML voting shares.  Therefore, KMI owns a 70 percent voting interest in KML.

The restricted voting shares, offered in the May 30, 2017, IPO of KML, represent approximately 30 percent of the total outstanding KML voting shares. 

What is a restricted voting share?

Each restricted voting share entitles the holder to one vote at all meetings of shareholders (except meetings at which only the holders of another class of shares are entitled to vote separately as a class pursuant to applicable laws.)

Each restricted voting share entitles the holder to receive any dividend declared by KML on the KML restricted voting shares.

Where is KML traded?

KML trades under ticker symbol “KML” on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).  

What is KML’s dividend policy?

KML currently intends to establish a dividend policy pursuant to which KML will pay a quarterly dividend in an amount based on its portion of KML’s distributable cash flow. 

The payment of dividends is not guaranteed, and the amount and timing of any dividend payments will be at the discretion of the board of directors.  

Does KML have a dividend/distribution reinvestment plan (DRIP)?

KML offers a DRIP in which holders (excluding holders who are non-residents of Canada) of restricted voting shares may elect to have all cash dividends of KML payable to any such shareholder automatically reinvested in additional restricted voting shares at a price per share.  Enrolled shareholders’ dividends will be used to purchase additional shares at the average trading price for the five trading days immediately preceding the dividend payment date.   

Holders of restricted voting shares who are non-residents of Canada will not be entitled to participate in the DRIP due to foreign securities law restrictions.  

What tax documents are attributable to KML?

KML shareholders who are residents of Canada should receive a T5 document from their brokers.

KML shareholders who are not residents of Canada should receive an NR4 document from their brokers. 

Will U.S. investors have the opportunity to own KML shares?

The KML shares have not been registered under any United States federal or state securities laws.  Accordingly, these securities may not be offered or sold within the United States unless registered under applicable federal and state securities laws or except pursuant to exemptions from such registration requirements.

We encourage you to consult with your legal counsel as to the availability of any such exemptions.

Where can I sign up to automatically receive information updates on KML?

While we do not currently offer automatic email updates, we do provide real-time KML news updates that can be found on the Kinder Morgan Canada Limited Homepage under “News”.

Where is KML headquartered?

300 5th Avenue SW Suite 3000
Calgary, AB T2P 5J2

How can I get in contact with KML Investor Relations?

You can reach KML Investor Relations by calling (800) 324-2900 or by emailing